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Letter to those considering joining the Intern Program,

Remember this group provides a safe environment, which means that you are free to ask "stupid questions," and "politically incorrect questions" that you are not able to ask in other places. A safe environment also means that you can share your vulnerabilities with the group without fear of being made fun of or attacked.  Feedback towards each other should be constructive and considerate of each others feelings; yet, sincere. Though feedback may feel harsh at times, it will balance itself out with the warm fuzzies extended to each other at needed times, as we work things out together. We are all in this group for a purpose: Whether our specific goal is certification, further certification, or a degree in a field of service related to Deafness; our ultimate goal for each of us as to improve our skills. All of us have room for improvement and can glean from each other. All of us possess various and unique skills that  can benefit us all as a group. As the saying goes, "Iron sharpens iron."


This is a group that is self-driven. That means that no one will hold your feet to the fire or force you to be here. You will set your goals and design your mission statement with the group's and my help per your request. Every year you will re-set your goals and mission statement and do your best to follow through with your plans to achieve your goals. The group and I will do our best to encourage you to stay on task ... though, if you decide to walk off for a while, we won't hunt you down. In fact, you can come and go as you please, but again ... you will be responsible to catch-up with the group upon returning. You ultimately are responsible for staying on task, deciding as to how committed you are to this group, and to achieving your goals. We will commit to you in like-kind.


My personal commitment to you as a mentor is that I will be here for your support 24/7. I will be a sounding board and keep all things confidential. I will do my best to raise the bar for you, so that you challenge yourself to be the best you can be. Per your skills, I will personally refer you to any jobs or positions that are applicable to your skill-set. I will actively look for and supply letters of recommendations for scholarships, grants and opportunities that meet your goals and needs. I will also provide you access to the group's sites, regular classes, mini workshops, intern opportunities, and learning aids and resources. I will always be conscientious of your finances and will put preference towards finding opportunities for paid intern work and free learning aids and resources.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. Also, feel free to share my information with others. If you see others who would benefit from being involved with this program, please reach out to them. I promise you that there is more work out there than there are interpreters; likewise, the Deaf desperately need skilled interpreters. You are the future leaders in the interpreting world. There is no need for competitiveness between ourselves <interpreters>. Instead of competing with each other, let's build each other up and put Louisiana on the map for having the best interpreters in the world!!!


Big warm fuzzy group hug!!!


    - Barbara





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