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Monday Night ASL Classes

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The Free Monday Night ASL classes are free of charge. You are not required to pay the one-time registration fee per semester but we would greatly appreciate a suggested amount of at least $30 if you can afford it. This will help us offer more people the opportunity to learn. This program has high overhead expenses. We never want to turn anyone away. We are thankful that you can join us!



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Special Message Board for Free Monday Night Classes:

When do I get my link to join classes?

Once you have registered, a link will be sent to you by email no later than the Monday before you start class. Keep that link: the same link will be used for all of the rest of your classes.  Do NOT share your link with others. At this present time all Monday Night Free ASL Classes are held online via Zoom or RingCentral. Both platforms are easy to access and free of cost.


How do we know what dates are holidays or breaks?

Watch this Message Board for updates.




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PAYMENT METHODS FOR SPECIALIZED SERVICES AND TRAININGS--Before paying for services please request an estimate of services. Per agreement of terms, an invoices is generated via Quickbooks and is sent as an email. Invoices can be paid by using any major credit card or by bank transfer by clicking on PAY NOW within the electronic invoice OR For your convenience, services may be paid via PayPal services. Please request a code before attempting to pay for services via PayPal.*Please remember to request services at least 2 weeks prior to the assignment. For the most part, assignments that last more than 2 hours at a time will require more than one interpreter. Services must be canceled prior to 48 hours prior to the assignment in order to receive a reimbursement of charges.


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