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Barbara's mentorship program opens doors for those who desire to become interpreters. As the only program of its kind in the state of Louisiana, it is invaluable. Barbara offers her time, decades of experience and expertise at no charge. She allows the opportunity to grow in linguistic skills, professionalism, ethics, and knowledge in virtually every niche in the ASL interpreting profession.

Her mentorship group is open to anyone who is willing to join, at any level. For those wanting to get their foot in the door, she coordinates opportunities to teach sign language to children with disabilities. From there, she mentors in other work capacities.

As a new interpreter moving from out of state, I have been able to learn a great deal from Barbara about all the aforementioned areas of interpreting, and also about interpreting in the state of Louisiana and city of New Orleans. I have been able to work my way into the field under her agency.

Barbara is passionate about mentoring budding interpreters who are competent in their knowledge, are well-rounded and who can provide equal access for the Deaf community.

Rachel Schwartz, B.S., B.A.



The journey between learning and qualified.

During my ITP I was also enrolled in Barbara Lovas’s internship program. My program was phenomenal and hands on but the gap after graduation to becoming certified was an entire new journey. The free Monday night classes offered by Barbara Lovas allowed me to safely apply the skills I learned. Soon after graduating I was working in appropriate language matched assignments. Having a mentor to walk me through my ethical and professional decisions has been a blessing.

Stefanie Nadeau, NIC




Barbara’s mentorship was the driving force that accelerated my skill base and knowledge while I was initially learning sign language and developing my interpreting skills to reach my goal of becoming a certified interpreter. I highly recommend getting involved in the Deaf community and Barbara’s mentorship program to gain the support and experience needed to become a quality interpreter.

Holly Bertuglia, NIC



I want to send a shout out to NOSLS’s mentorship program. Barbara is the most caring and attentive interpreter/mentor I know! She not only helped me improve my skills but provided a wealth of knowledge in the process. I highly recommend all individuals studying to be an Interpreter get in contact with her as soon as possible to begin your journey.

Jana Smith



Barbara and the staff she has working with her are wonderful! Our hearing impaired patients and their family members are always pleased with the assistance, professionalism and compassion.

Alice Lambert Finch



Last March, I got a new job from Antech Diagnostics under the VCA Corporation. While I got the job, I requested ASL certified interpreters for my job training which I referred them about the New Orleans Sign Language Service. Barbara Lovas is so well-organized and set up the interpreter's schedules professionally. I am so impressed and satisfied with no hesitation about her business. Therefore, I would highly recommend. No questions! Thank you, Barbara!

Eddie Hugger



I have had the honor for the past 4+ years to not only provide my interpreting services through Barbara’s agency, but also provide mentoring services to some of her Interns. I can not recommend Barbara’s Mentorship program enough! As a mentor, I have the opportunity to work with my mentee (intern) on actual jobs together and in 1:1 mentoring sessions. Through Barbara’s mentorship program and her free weekly ASL classes, I have had the opportunity of seeing so many interns skills flourish. To see them go from being timid, sometimes awkward Interns to professional, qualified Interpreters is truly amazing and often wouldn’t be possible without the Barbara ‘s guidance and the free services she provides! 


If you are in an interpreter training program (ITP), I highly recommend you join Barbara’s mentorship program and attend her weekly classes immediately...the earlier, the better! Don’t put it off until after graduation or later as I have seen the most success from those that started her program and classes early, and put the hard work in while still in an ITP. She provides her services completely free of have nothing to lose and so much to gain!


Kimberly S. Benty, CI/CT

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