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Interpreting Services

NOSLS provides interpreting services in Community Services, Educational: Post-secondary, Educational: preschool and elementary, educational: secondary, governmental services, legal, medical, mental health, occupational, performing arts, personal interpreting services, and religious settings.

EIPA Testing

"Barbara demonstrates professionalism in all aspects, and is supportive in her role as a mentor. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the various modes of interpreting." 

- Judy Lutz

        Freelance Interpreter

Thanks, Barbara! Will definitely recommend your services in the future! Even when I had stepped away to get the AAPA, your interpreters were so flexible and navigated it so easily! Top notch service and so professional! Thank you!! 

              - Siobhain McGuinness

"Last March, I got a new job from Antech Diagnostics under the VCA Corporation. While I got the job, I requested ASL certified interpreters for my job training which I referred them about the New Orleans Sign Language Service. Barbara Lovas is so well-organized and set up the interpreter's schedules professionally. I am so impressed and satisfied with no hesitation about her business. Therefore, I would highly recommend. No questions! Thank you, Barbara!"


- Eddie Hugger

"Barbara and the staff she has working with her are wonderful! Our hearing impaired patients and their family members are always pleased with the assistance, professionalism and compassion."


- Alice Lambert Finch

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