Interpreting Services

NOSLS provides interpreting services in Community Services, Educational: Post-secondary, Educational: preschool and elementary, educational: secondary, governmental services, legal, medical, mental health, occupational, performing arts, personal interpreting services, and religious settings.

EIPA Testing

NOSLS is a site for the EIPA Written Exam. 


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NOSLS offers the following services listed below. 

"Barbara and the staff she has working with her are wonderful! Our hearing impaired patients and their family members are always pleased with the assistance, professionalism and compassion."


- Alice Lambert Finch


"Barbara demonstrates professionalism in all aspects, and is supportive in her role as a mentor. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the various modes of interpreting." 

- Judy Lutz

Freelance Interpreter

Thanks, Barbara! Will definitely recommend your services in the future! Even when I had stepped away to get the AAPA, your interpreters were so flexible and navigated it so easily! Top notch service and so professional! Thank you!! 

              - Siobhain McGuinness


"Last March, I got a new job from Antech Diagnostics under the VCA Corporation. While I got the job, I requested ASL certified interpreters for my job training which I referred them about the New Orleans Sign Language Service. Barbara Lovas is so well-organized and set up the interpreter's schedules professionally. I am so impressed and satisfied with no hesitation about her business. Therefore, I would highly recommend. No questions! Thank you, Barbara!"


- Eddie Hugger                                                                                Serving the Greater New Orleans area

                                                                                                                                                                                        Website created by Jennifer Kuyrkendall

TELEPHONE: 504-722-2967

VP: 504-273-1152

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