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Babies can communicate using sign language as young as 8 months old. Sign language is an excellent tool to provide access to communicate with your baby before your baby is able to speak.


It has been noted that those who learn a second language show greater cognitive development in mental flexibility, creativity, problem-solving, conceptualizing, and reasoning skills. *

Whether you want your baby learn sign language in order to help them to start building their language/communication skills at an early age or if your child is Deaf, hard of hearing, autistic or non-verbal; learning American Sign Language can be a very helpful tool in communication and an excellent opportunity for you and your child learn together.






Class sessions are 6 weeks long for parent(s) and babies from 8 months to 18 months. Resources such as study materials, study links and video aids are also provided for your continued practices with your family at home. If you are interested in this fun-filled, bonding, learning opportunity of learning sign language with your baby, please contact me:


Dr. Barbara Lovas, Th.D.
RID CI/ CT, NAD IV, LCD V, MO Licensed
New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC


LinkedIn address:
E-mail --
Video Phone for the Deaf # -- 504 273 1152 ,  Cell/Text/Facetime – 504 722 2967

New Orleans Sign Language Babies and Kids / New Orleans Sign Language Services, LLC offers a wide range of programs and experiences for you and your child. We also provide ASL parties and in-home sessions for you and your family and friends.


Sponsored by Canal Blvd. Baptist Deaf Church "The Deaf Church in New Orleans"

Reference:  “Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language.” American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Duke University, 2007. Web. 22 Mar. 2013.

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