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NOSLS provides interpreting services in Community Services, Educational: Post-secondary, Educational: pre-school and elementary, Educational: Secondary, Governmental Services, Legal, Medical, Mental Health, Occupational, Performing Arts, Personal Interpreting Services, and Religious settings.


The Art of Interpreting….

  • Is the process of transmitting spoken English into American Sign Language (ASL) and/or gestures for communication between Deaf and hearing individuals;

  •  Enhances the quality of interaction between the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities;

  • Serves as a tool in bridging communication gaps;

  • Is a profession that is highly dynamic and sophisticated;

  • Offers a career that allows one to grow with each knowledge building experience.

What It Takes

  • A committed individual to not only achieve certification but to also maintain and grow the skills needed

  • Physical stamina, endurance and the ability to emotionally handle an assignment and adhere to confidentiality

  • A great knowledge of the English language and the ability to speak clearly, be audibly heard and to portray the feelings and emotion of the speaker, whether voice or sign interpreting

  • An understanding that interpreting is a complex process that requires linguistic, cognitive and technical skills

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