EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards


Brenda Schick, Ph.D., working with the EIPA Diagnostic Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital, has developed the EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards. This comprehensive multiple-choice test evaluates the interpreter’s understanding of information that is critical to performing with students in an education

setting. The test consists of 177 questions and takes approximately one and a half to

three hours to complete. This computer-based test is administered through the Internet.

A passing score on the EIPA Written Test is not needed in order to take the EIPA

Performance Assessment.


Procedure for Registering for the Written Test


EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards - Classroom Interpreting

Proctor for New Orleans, LA: 

Name:               Barbara Lovas


Test Dates:     

3/30/2018    10am – 2pm       
5/11/2018    10am – 2pm       
9/21/2018    10am – 2pm       
10/26/2018  10am – 2pm



Test Site:         Woodland West Elementary School

                             2143 Mars Street Harvey, LA 70058


Phone:              504-722-2967

Email:               bblovas1@yahoo.com

Registration Deadline Online registration must be completed at least 3 full business days prior to your test date. If your test will be paid with a purchase order through a third party agency or organization, you must register at least 5 full business days prior to your test date.


The fee for the EIPA Written Test is paid online at the time of registration. Proctors are allowed to charge test takers a proctor fee. You may contact the proctor prior to registering to inquire about possible proctor fees. Any proctor fee is collected at the test site and paid directly to the proctor.


Registration Form To begin the online registration at find info: https://www.classroominterpreting.org/EIPA/performance/index.asp


Cancellation Policy

The processing fee is $25.00. All monies are refundable in full minus the $25.00 processing fee if the cancellation is received by 8:00 AM (CST) AND three full business days before your scheduled test date. No refunds will be issued for no-shows or cancellations received after 8:00 AM(CST) AND less than three full business days before the scheduled test date. Purchase orders will still be subject to cancellation policy requirements. Registrants MUST cancel the test request on line.


Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to questions ranging from cost and test format to how to become a proctor, please click here.


Preparing for the Test

The EIPA Written Test is based on a set of knowledge standards that was developed by a group of experts, including deaf consumers, interpreters, interpreter trainers, deaf educators, and ASL linguistics.


The test is not a factual memory test. In other words, memorization of the knowledge standards only, may not enable you to receive a passing score. Application of knowledge to situations is necessary in order to pass this examination.


The test is also based on the EIPA Code of Professional Conduct for Educational Interpreters. The RID Code of Ethics is not the basis for professional conduct in the EIPA Written Test.

Schools and Institutes: Testing may be provided at your site per request at a special hourly rate. There must be at least 5 test takers. Contact me directly at 504-722-2967 to request these services.




















For information contact:

Teresa McEvoy EIPA Written Test Coordinator (402) 452-5042 Fax: (402) 452-5028 Email: Teresa.McEvoy@boystown.org


For information regarding test construction on psychometric validity, contact:

Brenda Schick, Ph.D. EIPA Written Test Developer University of Colorado at Boulder (303) 492-7339 v/ttyBrenda.Schick@colorado.edu


The EIPA Written Test was developed with funding from the Office of Special Education, Programs of National Significance (H325 N010013), awarded to Brenda Schick, Project Director, Boys Town National Research Hospital, and with support from the Regional Assessment System establish by the Mountain Plains Regional Assessment Center, directed by Bern Jones.

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