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Training for your Faculty and Staff!

Is it time for a change of pace? If you are looking for a fun and informative way to offer your
employees professional development trainings and continuing educational units: Maybe you have been looking for answers as to how to meet the needs of the Deaf and hearing impaired members in your community, we have the workshop for you! We can provide onsite or offsite workshops and trainings for you and your faculty and staff seeking or needing to maintain continuing education units. Per your request we can also tailor American Sign Language classes according to your school’s specific needs. Our prices are always reasonable and our instructors are alwaysknowledgeable and friendly. Topics include:

Deaf culture, language, norms
Deaf perspective / personal educational experience
Advantages of learning sign language for non-verbal students and general language development
Syntax / Sentence, Lexicon, Morpheme, Non-Manual Morpheme Instruction
Fingerspelling Instruction
Sign Instruction
Numbers Instruction
Continuing free online ASL study and instruction resources for the remainder of the year

Never boring. Excellent presenters!!!

This was an eye opener. I really did not know the struggle and plight of the Deaf community.

I really enjoyed this and it sparked my interestest to learn how to sign.

The presentation was good. I would not change anything.

Every presenter was vibrant, warm, knowledgable and interesting. Their personal stories were eye opening and heartfelt.

BEST professional development!

Outstanding presentation!!

Love this professional development! Excellent job!

I now better understand sentence structure and the 5 parameters of ASL language structure.

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