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People of the Book (Religious Signs Workshop)

Workshop Presented by

Dr. Daniel Burch

February 18, 2021

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Location: Online Zoom

Cost: $35

Sign Language Interpreting begins in every country, world-wide with Deaf people, family members, educators, and religious workers coming together. Oddly enough, interpreting in religious settings has been traditionally looked down upon. I think, here in America, it is the separation of church and state, and the resultant attitude that certification does not, therefore, apply to religious interpreters that has added to this unfortunate reality. The times are, however, changing.

Workshop Goal: To introduce students of American Sign Language to the lexicon of notable people, places, and things in Judeo-Christian American Sign Language.

Workshop Description: The workshop will be conducted virtually. The focus will be on vocabulary development. Signs variations from the participants will be welcomed and analyzed.

Workshop Presenter: Dr. Daniel Burch has been an American Sign Language interpreter for nearly 50 years. Twenty-five of those years included Interpreting in the Presbyterian Church. In all of those years, Judeo-Christian Signs appeared across all interpreting venues. Interpreters need to be familiar with the entire cultural experience of Deaf people, including their spiritual life.

This workshop is sponsored by New Orleans Sign Language Services. A certificate will of completion will be provided at the completion of this workshop. The workshop atmosphere will promote an environment of mutual respect, non-discrimination and free from bias.

For more information or to registers contact Dr. Barbara Lovas:

Email -- / Cell/Text -- 504-722-2967

New Orleans Sign Language Services

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Damien D
Damien D
23 sept 2022

Helloo nice blog

Me gusta
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